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Preschool Application

  • Shalom Preschool Application

  • Child's Information

  • Father's information

  • Mother's Information

  • Family Information

  • Grandparents

  • Leave us this information so that we can send your parents artwork and invite them to special school events. 

  • Medical Authorization

  • Emergency Alternative Contacts

    Please list two contacts who will take responsibility for your child/ren in a n emergency situation when neither parent can be reached.  

  • Contact 1

  • Contact 2

  • Family Doctor

    If parents cannot be reached and emergency medical advice is needed, permission is given to the preschool staff to phone my doctor:  

  • Emergency Care Authorization

    In case of a medical emergency requiring immediate emergency care, and none of the people mentioned above can be contacted, I hereby give Shalom Preschool permission to treat and transport my child to the nearest hospital necessary by ambulance.  

  • Additional Information

  • Authorization for Pickup

    I authorize the following people (ie: mom, dad, grandparents, nanny)  to pick up my child from school on a regular basis. Please send a photo of each person listed below other than the child's parents to  

  • Password: Circumstances may occur when you will need someone that is not listed above to pick your child up from this facility. When these circumstances arise, you will call and inform us of your instruction. Informing us of your password will enable us to carry out your instructions. 

  • Hours of Operation: Shalom Preschool is open Monday through Friday. Our program hours are from 9:00 am to 2:45 p.m. with extended care offered from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm. Please be prompt. Late fees will automatically be charged at the end of each month. 

  • Discipline Policy: Discipline at Shalom will take the form of positive classroom management. Our goal is for the child to learn self-management skills and inner control through participation in a safe, loving and well planned environment. Children are provided with consistent routines and realistic limits and expectations. Children shall not be subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating or frightening. Discipline shall not be associated with food, rest or toileting. Spanking or any form of physical punishment is prohibited. 

  • Physical Activity: Your child will partake in indoor and outdoor physical activity during the course of the day. The children enjoy obstacle courses, balancing equipment, ball play, bicycles and the play structure for at least 40 minutes per day for half day students and 40 minutes twice daily for full day students. Please send your child to school with appropriate clothing for the weather, such as sweaters or rain gear. Children are to wear closed toe, supportive shoes. No flip flops or open back shoes allowed. When we experience inclement weather, we will partake in indoor gross motor play in our multi purpose room. Children will be encouraged, but never forced, to participate in the physical activities

  • Alternate Nutrition: Parents and the Shalom Preschool are working cooperatively to assure that children are provided with nutritious snacks and meals. I agree to provide a nutritious lunch and a mid-afternoon snack for my child.  

  • Field Trip Permission: I hereby give the Shalom Preschool permission to take my child to the Chabad of Fort Lauderdale buildings and garden during the school day. 

  • Read

    Know Your Childcare Facility



  • Permission

    Food Activity, Phone email List, Photograph, field trip 

  • Payment Information

  • Should be Empty:
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